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The primary mission of our Microsoft SQL DBA Training School is learn sql dba online free and to provide a free SQL server DBA Training online Courses. If you complete all SQL DAB Microsoft online Courses then, we'll send you a certificate of your achievement. Our Sql DBA training is offering practical training solely on SQL Server DBA Technologies including SQL Server Development (SQL Dev) for developers, SQL Database Administration, SQL Database Administrator training(SQL DBA) for SQL DBA Administrator, Microsoft Business Intelligence learning and Data ware housing (MSBI / DWH) courses.

The troubleshooting concepts and methodologies covered  can be applied by anyone, including developers, for SQL Server administrators who want to understand SQL Server more completely to be able to effectively manage and administer their SQL Server environments. All our SQL DBA training courses include Real-time Projects, Job Placement Services, Certifications, Resume and Interview Guidance. Get an online SQL Training and Certification free today.

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SQL Server / T-SQL Course

To follow the examples in this Website, you will need to have SQL Server 2008 or 2017 installed. If you wish to learn how to administer the business intelligence features, you should have Analysis Services and the Integration Services engine installed. You need also a machine that can support the minimum hardware requirements to run SQL Server 2008 and 2017, and you also need the AdventureWorks2008 and AdventureWorksDW20014 databases installed. Follow the link to DOWNLOAD ADVENTUREWORKS, For Microsoft SQL Server Database Certifications Cost check here.

Some features in this Website (especially in the high-availability part) require the Enterprise or Developer Edition of SQL Server. If you do not have this edition, you will still be able to follow through some of the lectures in the Website with Standard Edition.

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SQL DBA (with T-SQL)?

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Updated Microsoft SQL Server Training for Database Administrator and Database Developer

DB Design, Query Tuning, Troubleshooting, Repairs, Upgrades, Cluster Management, Maintenance, more

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We make your Microsoft SQL Server Administration Training dreams a reality

Realtime training on SQL Server Installation, Database Design, Tables, Queries, Joins, SPs, CTE, more..

Datawarehouse Design, ETL, Incremental Loads, Cube Design, Analysis, MDX, DAX, Mining, Forecasting, more..